Masturbator Pro

Mobile game for ladies

With Masturbator Pro your cellphone becomes an excellent self-pleasure tool.
You just need to start the program, set the vibration type to Continuous, Alternating or Random, and that's it!


"With Masturbator Pro, I don't have to call myself from home to make my phone vibrate anymore!" - Mariah

"If I'd only known about this earlier, I would have bought a bigger phone!" - Sonia

"One day someone found my vibrator in my purse, it was so embarrassing.
If I'd had Masturbator Pro then,  it would have never happened" - Tracy

"I love this thing" - Antony


Masturbator Pro is an Android application, to install it follow the link below and,
install it from the Android Market.
Alternatively you can scan the QR code below and follow the link from your phone


Note: It's recommended that you wrap your phone in cellophane or you may damage it
leaving you hanging right in the middle of something

Contat me via email: mail me


Masturbator Pro is the first link on Live Search for the "Masturbator" keyword
first link
A special thanks to all our users, especially the girl Masturbator Pro was made for.
Thank you very much Mariah, if you'd had a man, this would have never happened!


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